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Puppy Love

Greetings! Spring is finally here!

After a long winter and no puppies, I want to let everyone know where things are now.  If you have changed plans or already found your puppies, please drop me a brief note to let me know.


I will be organizing a new waiting list, but anyone who was on the earlier list and has submitted an application will be placed on the new list using their original application date.  For families who want to be on the wait list but haven't yet sent in an application...please do so now using the current date.  If your application is more than a year old, please make any updates and resubmit it, still noting your original date.

I decided to let Cali, my 7 year old, retire.  I am working on getting her daughter, Halo, qualified for breeding.  Halo is 2 years old this month, and she will soon be going to Purdue for all of her testing. She has passed the eye test and has seven tests to go. If all are passed, she will be bred on her next heat cycle (due in late Sept or Oct).  Halo is a beautiful Havi with a wonderful disposition and will be bred to an AKC CH or G CH male, which hasn't been chosen yet. They should have very nice pups.


Puppies would arrive in Late Nov or Dec and can go home at 8-10 weeks old.  I evaluate their maturity and let them go when they have hit certain developmental milestones. They need to be with their Mom  and littermates for these markers to be reached. I'm happy to explain more if requested.


Please contact me for questions or clarification. I am happy to know that you want to be well-informed. 


Have a lovely summer!