Note: All inquiries are welcome. However, if you are a “broker” searching for puppies to re-sell, or a “puppy mill” buying puppies to breed commercially, please be advised that our puppies will not be available to such enterprises. Our pet/companion puppies are available to qualified individuals and families and are sold on a limited AKC registration contract, which requires the puppy to be spay/neutered. Our show/breed prospects are only available to select breeders and are sold on a full AKC registration contract with a non-negotiable co-own clause that is in effect until after the first litter is whelped.


We require all buyers to complete an application, provide references, visit us unless distance is prohibitive and be willing to complete a thorough screening process that is intended to protect the best interests of our puppies. Keep in mind that a young puppy cannot protect or defend itself; thus, we must all take that responsibility very seriously.     

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