is a small, hands-on, family breeder. Prior to our involvement with Havanese, we spent over ten years raising, showing and breeding Portuguese Water Dogs. We eventually wanted to switch to a breed that is smaller, less physically demanding and a lot "snugglier."  With many breeds to consider, we had our work cut out for us.


After extensive research… and lots of puppy squeezing, we fell hopelessly in love with the Havanese breed and found our first puppy at Ashstone Havanese in Ontario, Canada. Our deep dedication to promoting the breed, guarding its health and protecting its future forms the heart of our breeding program.  We are extremely selective and will not breed a dog that falls short of the breed standard or fails to pass its health tests.   


Our Havanese are very much part of the family and our personal companions first.  Our puppies are raised in an environment where they are in the center of the action.

Family and visitors of all ages can be counted on to pitch in and help with socializing the newcomers.    


We want you to learn as much as possible before picking a puppy for your family.  Whatever your questions are, just ask!

Our History and Mission


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